April 30, 2012 in Haunted Locations

Knollwood Estate (King Zog Estate)

Muttontown, NY

By: Noah Ankney

Lying in ruins in the Muttontown Preserve in Muttontown, NY is the once elegant Knollwood Estate which was built for Wall Street mogul and steel tycoon, Charles Hudson.  Built between 1906 and 1920 on Long Islands Gold Coast by architects Hiss and Weekes, the Knollwood Estate would later be known as the King Zog Estate.

Ahmet Zogu (King Zog)

In 1951 trying to live a life in exile the King of Albania, Ahmet Zogu (King Zog), would purchase the 60 room mansion for $102,800. It is rumored that Zog had purchased the estate with a bucket full of rubies and diamonds. Research shows that King Zog was a massive hoarder of coins and precious stones so this rumor may hold some merit. Unfortunately for King Zog, he would never occupy the estate and it was later sold in 1955. During his ownership it was rumored that he had his riches spread throughout the mansion and looters would ransack the house. Soon, the once beautiful mansion would lay in ruin due to vandalism. Due to safety reasons the mansion was demolished in 1959.

Honestly, we have never heard of any paranormal claims at the Muttontown Preserve or the Knollwood/Zog Estate.  Yet, it still brings in many paranormal groups to investigate the location; probably due to the "what ifs". Could the ruins of the Knollwood/Zog Estate be haunted with remnants of the past? I guess anything is possible, but until someone comes forward with an experience this location is just an amazing site of historic ruins.

The Duplicate Garden

Front View of The Estate

Well maintained garden

The Linden Garden

The Main Doorway

Main Entrance

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