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Our Take on the Paranormal

While LIPRI’s members have different beliefs, we all follow the same protocols and procedures when it deals with helping clients. Below is our take on how our cases go.

Logical Explanations/Reasoning

A Little About Us

LIPRI LogoLIPRI is a serious and professional paranormal research and investigation team who strive to help those cope and understand unexplained phenomena that they may be experiencing. The team is made up of passionate and devoted individuals who have an extensive background in the paranormal field. Each person brings a different versatile background, personal touch and experience that makes this group unique. All investigations are always free of charge. Because each and every case is different, they work closely one on one with each client to help give piece of mind to those in need. From the moment the client contacts LIPRI until well after the case has been concluded, everything is kept strictly private and confidential. The team approaches every case from a skeptic and scientific view point. Whether the issue is paranormal or not, LIPRI will not abandon the client or the case. If a case needs a different approach, they will refer or consult other people in the field, with the approval of the client.Whether it’s a private residence, business or just have a general inquiry, LIPRI is here to help.